Remedies for Nausea during Pregnancy

Morning sickness is a condition that affects the majority of pregnant women around the world. Its most common symptoms are nausea and vomiting. Generally, morning sickness is believed to be normal and part of the whole process of pregnancy. Doctors usually just give them a pat on the back pregnant patients. The symptoms of morning sickness are not laughing matter, though, especially nausea. It 'is vital to overcome the nausea in order for you to eat foods that are nutritious for you and your child.
Here are some tips you can try:

Ask your health care provider to seek supplemental vitamin B-6.

-Many women believe that they were helped by an extra dose of vitamin B-6
2. Even foods that love can trigger nausea in pregnancy. Having identified the problem foods, and find alternatives if they are proteins, then even better.
-You can not force your body to eat foods that trigger symptoms. Just follow your body. Will never lead you wrong.
3. Keep a small bag with a series of journeys toothbush and toothpaste in your bag, car or desk at work.
Sometimes, just the smell of vomit was enough to make you throw up again. So just brush your teeth after.
4. Try acupressure bands.
-These do wonders for morning sickness, especially for your sick.
5. Small, frequent meals high in protein and complex carbohydrates will have the effect of keeping blood sugar levels constant.
-Eating frequent small meals high in protein and complex carbohydrate foods helps provide a constant source of sugar in the blood, thus avoiding the spikes in your blood sugar level.
6. Do not wait for the pangs of hunger โ € "often and eat before you feel hungry.
-Eating before you get hungry stomach prevents acid build up.
7. A small protein snack before bedtime is a good idea.
-Eating a high protein snack before bed, gives your body something to digest during sleep, thus preventing the accumulation of acid.
8. Before groped to get out of bed in the morning, get something to eat. It settles your stomach.
-Try to keep some soda crackers by the bed, and then eat when you wake up. Linger in bed to allow them to absorb some of your stomach acid.
9. Dehydration is a very real threat to your baby if you suffer from morning sickness. Always make sure you get enough fluids.
Especially when you throw-up, keeping hydrated is very important.
10. Try ginger.
-Many women say that ginger helped them through the morning sickness. The usual choice is ginger tea or ginger biscuits.

Remember that there is no cure for nausea in pregnancy. You should try all these and see what works for you most. Your nausea and vomiting during pregnancy can get in the way you get all the nutrients for you and your baby. You should do everything possible so that you can get nutritious food into your diet nausea, nauseaor not.

Treatment of nausea after eating.

Nausea is not as satisfactory. It can be controlled with some methods to feel better. The main aim of treatment is to remove the causes of this disease. Maintaining a healthy eating habits by eating the right foods and taking ample time while eating.

The clear, cold drinks, tea, lemonade or fruit juice throughout the day to control nausea. ADHD and the lifestyle that is conducive to stress worsens symptoms of nausea, lemon tea, herbal tea or green tea to help control nausea. In addition, increasing the amount of liquid foods in your diet and reduce intake of solid food.

In the case of nausea as bad as the smell of cooking oil fumes from vehicles and others are recommended to avoid such conditions as possible. After a person has food to avoid vehicle congestion and the gap is too much exposure to heat and humidity.

Avoid spicy and greasy foods and include more of the sweetness and light in your diet. In the meantime, do not use hot and cold meals. It is better to avoid hot foods as much as possible. Nutritious foods such as whole grains, fresh fruits also help in the treatment of nausea.

It becomes difficult to avoid for some people. They can use OTC medications and administer them as prescribed by the chemist.


Ginger is an effective treatment for nausea after eating. Drinks, fruit juice, 1tsp of fresh ginger 2 teaspoons of honey mixed with a solution of nausea.


It is a home remedy that appears to relax the abdominal muscles tightly associated with nausea after eating. To get relief from nausea after eating, a piece of mint chewing gum or sucking candy mint flavor.


acupressure wrist to prevent and relieve nausea. Under the cuff, the pressure on the bottom of the arm. Use your middle and index finger to measure the width of two inches below where your hand meets your arm. Pressed with the thumb or middle finger, right below the two large tendons 2 to 3 minutes, using moderate pressure.